Inverted Operas

Holly was recently in Frankfurt to take part in Playsonic, a festival at Alte Oper investigating the overlap between games and music.  Our contribution: “Inverted Operas”, a collaboration with composer David Helbich and architect Rosario Talevi.

“Inverted Operas” took music from outside the opera house, and placed it in the public square outside. Across the weekend, visitors found moveable mirrored sculptures inspired by elements of the opera house’s interior decoration; performers with many different instruments; and cards that they could use to guide them as they listened to the music.

Art Deck: Kickstarter Live

We’re really excited to announce that our Kickstarter for Art Deck has launched! We’re hoping to support a print run of the game, making it a real thing people can own. Have a look here, and if you’re interested in getting hold of a copy please consider backing it!