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Inverted Operas

Holly was recently in Frankfurt to take part in Playsonic, a festival at Alte Oper investigating the overlap between games and music.  Our contribution: “Inverted Operas”, a collaboration with composer David Helbich and architect Rosario Talevi.

“Inverted Operas” took music from outside the opera house, and placed it in the public square outside. Across the weekend, visitors found moveable mirrored sculptures inspired by elements of the opera house’s interior decoration; performers with many different instruments; and cards that they could use to guide them as they listened to the music.

Now Play This 2018 roundup


Now Play This 2018 ran at Somerset House from 6-8 April, as part of the London Games Festival.

For a full set of 200 photos, see our Facebook album. To download the programme and essays that visitors to the festival received, look here.

To play some of the games at the festival online – including games that debuted at the festival – try our gallery. Or if you’re interested in the Flatgames room in particular, this gallery shows the flatgames we showed, and this gallery shows the flatgames created by visitors and the flatgamejam crew during the festival.

A few visitors have written up their experience – take a look at these:

If you know any we’ve missed, send ’em over and we’ll add them to this post!


Now Play This 2018

Now Play This – the games festival we run with Jo Summers and George Buckenham – is about to turn four! Well, technically it’s about to turn three and a half – we only had a six month gap between our prototype first festival and our full-scale second – but it’s about to have its fourth event, from 6-8 April at Somerset House as part of the London Games Festival.

We’re really excited about this, and if you are too you can see a lot of the selected games over at the Now Play This website, or buy tickets at the Somerset House site. But we also thought we might write a little bit here about what we’re trying to achieve with this year’s festival – what’s different from previous years, what we’re trying to do and why.