Racing Line is a fast-paced drawing race for two to four competitors, racing their continuous line along a 1.5 metre paper course.

Competitors choose a pen, get themselves ready, and then race to draw a single line from one end of the 1.5 metre route to the other. But it’s not as easy as it sounds – the course is filled with challenges.


Some of these are simple: draw a connecting line between these dots. Some are more complicated: draw a full English breakfast, swap which hand you’re drawing with, make your way through a maze without touching the edges. Each challenge is worth a different number of points – but you can’t spend too long on them, because finishing the course first comes with big bonus points.


The route is new for each set of players, with different challenges to address – and each game produces a unique output.
We created The Racing Line for Here, a conference curated by It’s Nice That, to act as a quick competitive drop-in game that would be easy to understand, fun to play, and different for each group. We’re currently developing more challenges for the course to run it again at future events.


Main Image: Photographer: Tim Bowditch Event: Here London, curated by It’s Nice That