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Hotel Room was a twenty-minute experience in a hotel room in Krakow, running at Playpublik in Summer 2014. It explored the strange ways we behave in hotel rooms, and the idea of the hotel room as a temporary space: something assembled anew for each visitor and then torn apart as soon as they leave.

Players entered to find an immaculate hotel room with a computer on the desk, and an interactive story about the hotel room itself on that computer. As they read through the story, they found out about past visitors to the room, a soundscape growing around them as they did so. The story invited them to make themselves at home and sent them exploring the physical incarnation of the room: writing, playing small games, discovering, finding and leaving messages to communicate with past and future players.

Players scrawled words on mirrors, hid in cupboards, upturned mattresses, stole soap, taped messages on the window panes, decorated the space and themselves in toilet paper, and in one case made a balloon flowers.

Photos by Invisible Playground.