This is a temporary page that’s only up as a source of links for a workshop we’re running at QUAD in Derby!

How to insert a picture:

Copy and paste this code below, but replace “http://SOMETHING” with the address of the picture you want to use (it should end with .jpg or .png)

<img src="http://SOMETHING" width="700" alt="Cover image">

How to change the colours:

Choose Edit Story Stylesheet from the story menu and then put one or more of these things in it – just copy and paste from here… then you need to find the hex code for the colours you want. You can use a website like Color Picker to find the hex code for a colour that you like.

This changes the background! 

body { background-color: #f5fff0; }

This changes the text colour!

tw-passage { color: #22301a; }

This changes the colour of the linking text!

tw-link { color: #422424; }

Pictures you drew last week:

Ellie’s Horror:

I Am A Ninja:

The Fire Starter:

The High School:

The Walking Dead:




Flickgame is at and here are some example flickgames:

one about a panda 

one about painting something

one about trying to go to bed

a scary/silly game

Command+C copies a picture. Command+V puts it down on a new page.