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Interesting links for August

This month in physical games and embodied play…


The Hand Eye Society’s WordPlay festival is happening at the British Library this year, which is pretty amazing! Jo Summers (who among many, many other things is digital producer on Now Play This) is directing the festival this year, and if you’ve got a “writerly game” you might want to show, submissions are open until 28 September.

And in Bristol, there’s one and a half days left till the Playable Cities open call closes. This is a £30,000 award for the development of a new work around play and cities – this year they’re particularly interested in proposals focusing on journeys. The initial submission of an idea is pretty quick and straightforward, so if you’ve got something that might fit you should definitely, definitely pop it in.


Andy Field’s written a great short essay on games in cities – it’s for an upcoming book but he’s put it online, and it’s worth a read. It touches on the history of artists making play in public, on questions of who is permitted to play in cities, and some possible future directions. “Behind me I could hear another supervisor using a loudhailer to encourage these new players to disperse. This was not the kind of play we had anticipated, and not the role we thought we would find ourselves playing.”

Matheson Marcault


Matheson Marcault is a new company set up by Holly Gramazio and Sophie Sampson to work with culture, history and physical space.

We use game design to engage people with places and ideas, and our work fits in museums, in public squares, at arts festivals, and online.

We’re particularly excited by words, play, installations, and interactive history.

If you’re interested in talking to us, get in touch: We’d love to talk about site-specific events and installations; work with a deep grounding in research and history; and games for museums, parks and other public spaces.

Follow us on twitter at @mathmarcault for news of future projects.